Hosting the Cypress Hills Trial is something I really really enjoy! But it takes more than just me to pull it off - pretty much takes a village and I’d like to thank the villagers (hopefully I don’t miss anyone!!)

First of all the triallers. Despite the heat you all came out and support the trial and that is so appreciated.
Huge thanks to Jeff DeMarni and his team of dogs and horses for tirelessly and expertly setting sheep all weekend.
Judge John Palmer had a smile on his face and good luck wishes for every competitor while fairly passing judgement.
Val Dye kept the workers fed and hydrated.
Mildred Berry once again allowed us use of her incredible trial field.
Alanna Leach gave us lasting memories of the weekend with her remarkable pictures.
Chris Kirwan gave us wonderful ‘testy’ sheep!
Thanks to Pet Food Source for the dog food donations!!
Karen Ramstead organized an auction for the trial.

Thanks to all that helped out I was able to take a few moments to sit and watch some of the great runs and visit with you all - which I love!!!