Canine Solutions - Working Border Collies

Chris and her teams of highly-skilled border collies have worked all over North America, including: 

  • Gathering and trailing wild cattle, sheep, and reindeer on two of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. 
  • Managing 1800 ewes on the cut-blocks in northern BC.
  • Working in Waterton Lakes National Park, herding the mule deer out of the community. Watch video.
  • Hired to deter bighorn sheep from straying onto the CN tracks in Jasper National Park. Full story.
  • Deterred and controlled the geese population at St Eugene Golf and County Club in Kimberley BC.

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Hello nice to meet you!

My name is Chris Jobe and I am the owner and trainer at Canine Solutions.

Border collies became an integral part of my life when I  started ranching in 1994. I got my first border collie 'Tuck' soon after and have since devoted a good share of my time to training and working them.

In 1999, I entered my first sheepdog trial with a dog I trained myself and have had the "trial fever" ever since. I have been blessed to train with some of the best dog handlers in the world.

My goal is to produce, raise and train the best all-around working border collies. My dogs are selected for instinct and intensity to work while exhibiting a friendly, outgoing temperament and to maintain their focus when subjected to a variety of challenges.

I hold dual citizenship in Canada and the USA, am authorized to work in both countries.

Canine Solutions specializes in training and breeding border collies for ranch work, stockdog trials and canine wildlife management.