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As the Canadian goose population increases, some negative impacts associated with them will also increase. If left unchecked, the Canada goose population will double in size every three years. While it is illegal to disturb, kill, capture, injure remove their eggs or their nest, special permits are obtained from the Canadian Wildlife Service. In addition to nest control, our dogs can create the impression of a predator inhabiting your property. Over time, birds will choose to stay away.

​Canine Solutions Goose Control provides highly effective and humane solutions to safeguard your property of unwanted Canada geese. A successful goose control program depends on many factors. We will customize a population control program for your unique situation. Your specific needs and concerns will determine which options are considered, with advice from our experienced and knowledgeable specialists.

​​Canine Solutions is dedicated to success, where wildlife and people can co-exist. My team of border collies are raised and trained to be the very best all-around working dogs, selected for instinct and the willingness to work. We have 20 years of experience working with a variety of domestic and wild animals.

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Canada Goose Control using Working Border Collies