Canine Solutions - Working Border Collies

All the puppies are born in the house and stay in with me until they are at least five weeks old - at which time they go out into a big yard during the day where they can explore their surroundings.  It is my passion to raise a well-socialized puppy. I spend a lot of time taking them into new environments and meeting other pack members and people. All of my pups are vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, and registered with the CBCA. I invite you to come to out, meet the pack, and see the area in which they are raised. Contact Chris

403 866 6176

Born Sept 11, 2017

CS Raine

She is a tri color slick coated bitch. Very natural working dog very biddable. Unfortunately, at the time of her training, she broke her hind leg. With great care, she has mended well and is ready to get back to work after she raises he pups.


is 1 1/2 yrs old tri-color med coat. Just getting started in his training. He has a strong instinct to work livestock. Good Natured. Gets on well with other dogs. Very loving personality. Video of Glen working.

Sept 23/17